Call for papers

The INNOG Program Committee is seeking presentations for the INNOG 4 event. This will be an online-only event due to ongoing Covid19 pandemic. We are looking for content that would suit technical sessions.

Please note, the program committee is working to early deadlines so the INNOG conference program can be announced early.

Key Dates

Call for Presentation Opens20 September 2021
Call for Presentation Closes31 October 2021

Program Material

Topics for conference sessions must be relevant to Internet operations and technologies. The following topics are examples of possible areas of interest.

  1. IP core network routing, switching and operations
  2. Routing security including IRR, RPKI etc
  3. IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  4. Access and transport networks including Cable/DSL, wireless, metro ethernet, fibre, etc.
  5. Network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware) and BCPs
  6. Software-defined networking, network function virtualization and network automation
  7. Content & service delivery (Multicast, Voice, Video, Telepresence, Gaming) and cloud computing
  8. DNS / DNSSEC and RPKI
  9. IXPs and Peering
  10. Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, standards, services, security, addressability, and manageability
  11. Research on Internet operations and deployment

Any marketing, sales, and vendor proprietary content in the presentation is against the spirit of the INNOG and it is strictly prohibited.


Draft slides MUST be provided with submissions otherwise the Program Committee will be unable to review the submission. For work in progress, the most current information available at time of submission is acceptable.

All draft slides submitted for PC review must be in PDF or PPT format only. We welcome slides as well as talk in a mix of any of the regional Indian languages.

Prospective presenters should note that the majority of speaking slots will be filled well before the final submission deadline. The PC will retain a limited number of slots up to the final submission deadline for presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of critical operational importance.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the Program Committee by mailing to

INNOG 4 Program Committee members

Aditya KaulJuniper
Ajay Tripathi
Anurag BhatiaHurricane Electric
Brajesh JainCitycom Networks
Champika WijayatungaICANN
Devdas BhagatJust Eat –
Rohit Kumar
Rahul MakhijaEsto Internet
Rajesh Panwala
Sourabh SatpathyMicrosoft India
Srinath BeldonaLightstorm Telecom Connectivity Pvt Ltd
Srinivas ChendiAPNIC
Sudha Kannan
Suresh Ramasubramanian
Tashi PhuntsoAPNIC
Vijay Ahire