What we do

The core idea behind INNOG is to promote technical knowledge sharing across network operators.
This includes but not limited to:

  • Hosting an annual conference of INNOG every year
  • Hosting keynote from industry leaders at our annual conference
  • Hosting workshop alongside conference on topics on IP routing, MPLS, Network Security etc
  • Hosting regular Tech Sessions online
  • Running an active mailing list where network operators can discuss any ongoing issues or ask a question
  • Promoting best practices in terms of BGP routing, network monitoring, etc
  • Invite external guests from large networks for discussion and Q&A about how they operate their network

There are a few things which we don’t intend to do:

  • Promoting of marketing material from any network operator, hardware vendor etc
  • Getting into internet governance or policy-related discussions which do not interact with operational technologies
  • Getting into the complicated domain of law enforcement, censorship, or net neutrality related policy discussions many of which do not directly interact with operational technologies