Participate at INNOG Conference

Present at INNOG Conference

Transform your research, ideas, and best practices into a presentation at an INNOG conference. Presentations are given at INNOG from industry experts to freshers, from network operators to datacenters. If you have something in mind, watch out for our future events and submit a talk when call for papers open.


We encourage two way communication between presenters and attendees. Most of presentations have time for Q&A reserved and microphone is kept open to everyone ask question or to make a point related to the topic being presented. 

Attend a workshop

INNOG conferences offer multiple workshop tracks. Join one of your choices as an attendee to learn about operational infrastructure. You can find information about workshops during INNOG 1 here and INNOG 2 here. Due to Covid19, we skipped workshops during INNOG 3 but very much intend to resume them in future events. Watch out for our future events for information about upcoming workshops.