Thursday, 6th Aug 2020

14:00 to 14:25Keynote Day 1: DNS over HTTPS: A protocol and a change of control
(Slides | Video)
Bert Hubert
Founder, PowerDNS
14:25 to 14:45Presentation 1: Excessive BGP AS Path Prepending is a Self-Inflicted Vulnerability
(Slides | Video)
Doug Madory, Oracle
14:45 to 14:50Break
14:50 to 15:30Panel discussion: Taking IXPs to tier 2 cities
Moderator: Anurag Bhatia, Hurricane Electric
Participants: Ajai Kumar, DE-CIX
Eric Leung, Akamai
Matt Jansen, Facebook
Rajesh Chharia, ISPAI
Raunak Maheshwari, Extreme IX
Anil Kumar Jain, NIXI
15:30 to 15:50Presentation 2: RIPE Atlas
(Slides | Video)
Gerardo Viviers, RIPE NCC
15:50 to 15:55Break
15:55 to 16:15Presentation 3: Segment Routing For Service Provider
(Slides | Video)
Shivlu Jain, Cisco
16:15 to 16:35Presentation 4: F-Root @ ISC (Slides | Video)
Ray Bellis, Internet Systems Consortium
16:35 to 16:40Break
16:40 to 17:20BoF Sessions
1. Best current practices (Moderator: Aditya Kaul)
2. Career paths and mentorships (Moderator: Srinath Beldona)
3. Home networking in age of work from home (Moderator: Brajesh Jain)
4. IP transit, IXPs and CDNs (Moderator: Sourav Satpathy)
5. Last mile plant (Moderator: Rahul Makhija)
6. Network management tools (Moderator: Devdas Bhagat)
7. Network Security (Moderator: Swapneel Patnekar)

Friday, 7th Aug 2020

12:30 to 13:30Partner Event: IRINN OPM
IRINN Open Policy meeting
14:00 to 14:25Keynote Day 2: Key Trends in Datacenter and Cloud Computing
(Slides | Video)
Sharad Sanghi, Managing Director & CEO, NTT Netmagic
14:25 to 14:45Presentation 5: Content Delivery Network:Open Connect
Nihit Tandon, Netflix
14:45 to 14:50Break
14:50 to 15:30Panel discussion: Routing Security
Moderator: George Michaelson, APNIC
Participants: Ajay Sharma, Bharti Airtel
Maheswaran Balasubramanian, Tata Communications
Amit Tank, Jio
15:30 to 15:50Presentation 6: BGPalerter: BGP and RPKI monitoring
(Slides | Video)
Massimo Candela, NTT
15:50 to 15:55Break
15:55 to 16:15Presentation 7: PCE and its relationship with SDN
(Slides | Video)
Dhruv Dhody, Huawei
16:15 to 16:35Presentation 8: The role of Device to Device & Edge Compute For IOT Applications
(Slides | Video)
Huzur Saran, IIT Delhi
16:35 to 16:40Break
16:40 to 17:20BoF Sessions

Note: Please click on these links only at 16:40 and stay on main webinar track till then.

1. Datacenters (Moderator: Devdas Bhagat)
2. Local community building (Moderator: Swapneel Patnekar & Aditya Kaul)
3. RPKI in India (Moderator: Anurag Bhatia & Shubham Saran)
4. Building a competitive network infrastructure (Moderator: Brajesh Jain)
5. DNS for network operators (Moderator: Champika Wijayatunga)
6. Network Automation (Moderator: Louis Poinsignon)
7. ICANN and it’s working (Moderator: Samiran Gupta)
8. IPv6 rollouts (Moderator: Srinath Beldona & Sourav Satpathy)
9. IPTV (Moderator: Rahul Makhija)